Property Management

Give momentum to your property

Office of Management and Real Estate "Momentum", the director handles many years and hundreds of properties across Tel Aviv on an ongoing basis.

Momentum office staff, maintenance and renovation of buildings, which operates continuously and regularly provides a solution to every problem throughout the day.

Our clients enjoy close and personal attendants and updates of its own assets. We follow the first step:

  • Meeting and familiarity with the property owner, identifying needs and formulating strategies and coordinating expectations
  • Preparing for rent, cleaning and arranging level to refurbishment including flat if necessary
  • Marketing and advertising asset: photography and video of the property

Advertising in all media, print media, Internet sites in Israel and abroad, and other social networks.

Ads Syndication

Display prospective renters assets, quickly and effectively. Legal support, preparation of lease and concern guarantees and collateral is required. Follow tenants while responding to every problem instantly Collecting money effectively and fluently Final financial report with the tenants while ensuring there are any problems or debts The rent for the transfer of assets in fixed and floating on the date set Getting started anew while maximizing time (assets not remain without tenants)

We give our customers peace of mind and save time while maintaining maximum rent over time, reducing costs and maintaining current property value.

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